This is the 5th Annual Dallas Family Night Out event. This event is a “back-to-school” resource fair that is designed to help families get a hand-up in helping prepare for school. The concept for this event is to allow all families of any income bracket a chance to interact and receive services without feeling any separation of income levels. It has become an event that families look forward to, and we would love to continue it in our community. It takes the whole community to run this event and we are needing your help. Last year we served 1000 people and are planning for the same this year.

Back to School Backpacks
Give-away baskets

Give-away baskets

We are asking your business to donate to this wonderful event for families. We are seeking items to be assembled in give-away baskets or other items needed for the event. The gift baskets enable families to have another “Family Fun Night”.

Gift Baskets

We are also always grateful for people that would like to volunteer. Cash donations help cover the cost to run this event. If you are donating anything other than cash please contact us


Want to Donate cash to support the event contact us or donate via Paypal with the button below

Next Event

Dallas United Methodist Church
565 SE Lacreole Dr
Dallas, OR 97338

AUGUST 25, 2017
4:00-8:00 pm


Become a business partner, sponsor an event or donate gift items.

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